Novelty/Colour Pay Online Here

As part of ‘Run for Membantu’ fundraising event, we will be running a colour/novelty run as part of the Cross-Country race. This is an exciting part of the day where students can enjoy slip and slides, water and mud runs and best of all be covered in colour powder.

There will be various colour powder stations throughout the novelty course. The course will be designed to have two designated lanes in some areas, one for colour powder and the other with no powder. Your child can still participate in the novelty run, should you not wish for them to be sprayed with colour powder.

Cost: $10 per student.

Novelty/Colour Pay Online Here
Run for Membantu Bali Fundraising
Run for Membantu Bali Fundraising
Run for Membantu Bali Fundraising

Colour information:

  • The coloured powder used in this event is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly consisting of 98% corn starch and 2% food colouring.
  • It is likely to wash out of your child’s clothing. However, we recommend that your child wears a white shirt that you don’t mind being coloured.
  • Powder will be thrown at the torso of participants; however, wind and other factors can cause the powder to cover other sections of the body, including the face.
  • Students are encouraged to wear glasses or goggles if they are concerned about powder getting in or near their eyes. Similarly, a mask or bandana can be worn to cover their mouth if inhalation is a concern.
  • The product is considered safe for use by the colour powder producers. However, if you would like more details please visit the manufacturers website at
  • Students with pre-existing respiratory conditions, such as asthma, should not participate in the colour run.


What to do:

  • Sign the Operoo consent form giving permission for your child to participate.
  • Pay $10 either on this page or at the ‘Membantu Merch Table’ in the top quadrangle during, Wednesday Lunch ONLY.
  • The last day for money and forms to be handed in is Wednesday, 20 March 2024. Money and notes will NOT be accepted on the day of the carnival.
  • For students who have paid and returned consent forms, Colour Run wristbands will be handed out during roll call on the day of the event.
Novelty/Colour Pay Online Here