Running to help lives in Indonesia.

Are you ready to help us Run for Membantu and make a difference to someone's life?

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Why we run

Creating awareness and financial support for underprivileged young people in Bali.

The ‘Run for Membantu’ is the name Coffs Harbour Christian Community School has given our school’s Cross-Country Carnival. The Indonesian word “Membantu” translates in English to “help”, which is exactly what we hope to do in Indonesia. With your help, below are some of the incredible things our students have been able to achieve to date.

education run for membantu

Education Supplies
and Tutoring

Assisting the education of young people through COVID-19 lockdowns in Denpasar, and rural areas.

emergency food supplies

Emergency Food

Helping various Balinese communities in Denpasar during the COVID-19 pandemic.

internet run for membantu

Improved Internet

Upgrading internet towers so learning online throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic was possible.

medical run for membantu

Healthcare Check-ups
and Packs

Funding medical check-ups, sanitation supplies and hygiene packs for students in rural areas.

basketball run for membantu

Community Centre

Upgrading existing facilities to enable education classes and improved support for slum communities in Denpasar.

toilet run for membantu

Toilet and Bathroom

Repairing and improving infrastructure for personal hygiene, assisting to enable healthy living conditions.

roof run for membantu


Replacing and rebuilding roofing, enabling sewing lessons and self-sustaining enterprise to resume.

run for membantu


Assisting with infrastructure improvements in rural areas, providing young people with safe and upgraded play equipment.

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Run for Membantu

Funds Raised $300,000

Since 2010, when the fundraising tally was first recorded, CHCCS participants have raised over $300,000 for underprivileged young people in Bali. A community thinking beyond themselves, and toward the welfare of others less fortunate than themselves, has become the beating heart of this event. This year we're hoping to raise $30,000. Are you ready to help us Run for Membantu and make a difference to someone's life?


Raised since 2010


Raised in 2023


Lives changed in Bali

This year, our ‘Run for Membantu’ will be held on Friday, 22 March 2024

As a school, we can raise these valuable funds if we all work together. The Run for Membantu goal this year is for students and staff each raise $100. You can help achieve this by talking to your family and friends about who might sponsor you, or you can even sponsor yourself.

In simple terms, 10 people sponsoring $10 will raise $100!!

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Run for Membantu Bali Fundraising
Run for Membantu Bali Fundraising

Run for Membantu

Creating awareness and financial support for underprivileged young people in Bali.

Over the past 14 years, the school community has used the Run for Membantu to raise over $300,000, all of which has gone directly to providing physical resources and supporting much-needed infrastructure development in the areas of education, health, and housing.

Through word of mouth, online sponsorship, sausage sizzles, cake sales, wristband sales, courageous hair and beard clipping and creative personal efforts of students, the Run for Membantu managed to raise a further $30,086 in 2023, all of which is going towards helping young people in Indonesia. This effort is truly outstanding and is a testament to the selflessness and love within the community, prioritising the needs of others during this difficult time.

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